New Food Arrives in the Cafeteria

New Food Arrives in the Cafeteria

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

For those of us who buy lunch from the school cafeteria regularly, the appearance of a new lunch food can be monumental. Each lunch food is served about once a week or more, so we can expect to see each lunch food on a fairly regular basis. We may end up having this lunch many times before the year is over.

The new food that has arrived at the cafeteria is none other than a soft pretzel, along with soft pretzel bites. Several students were surprised to see these new foods on the lunch menu, seeing as soft pretzels are normally bought at concession stands rather than for a lunch. Issac Leigninger, a junior at the high school, said, “I was surprised to see the soft pretzel as a menu option. I’m definitely going to try one when they are on the menu again.” 

The price of the pretzel is the same as with the other Grab’N’Go items on the menu. It costs a total of three dollars and it comes with fruits, vegetables and milk. Overall, it is one of the cheaper items on the menu, so it is not a bad option if you are looking to save money.

One controversial aspect about the new soft pretzel is the cheese sauce that comes with the pretzel. Multiple students have reported being disappointed with the cheese and how it tastes. Matthew Macdonald, a junior at the high school, said he saw “a solid layer of cheese at the top of the container.” Although many students are not a fan of the cheese that accompanies the soft pretzels, multiple students are still excited to try out this new item for the rest of the year