Previewing the Football Season

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

The football team has its first game this Thursday. They will travel to Xenia. Many of us are wondering what we can expect this season. Will it be another disappointing season or will the team exceed expectations? The football team can only be successful if everyone comes out to support. 

If you come you can talk to your friends, get something from the concession stand, and listen to the outstanding marching band. Their theme this season is Pink Floyd with the Wizard of Oz, which is bound to be a great show. 

Addison Culpepper, a junior at BHS, who is on the football team, predicts that Beavercreek will beat Xenia 14-3. If this prediction comes true, it would be a great start for the Beavers and would be a great sign for a successful season. Also, Culpepper said he expects the team to “play hard and give everything we got.” Let’s hope we see this effort in Thursday’s game. 

It would be great to see all the early morning practices, two-days, and weightlifting 

produce results. All the work they have been putting since the summer hopefully improved the team and will give the school a winning season. 

The marching band has also been putting in tons of work with their extremely long practices. Let’s hope our massive marching band can hype the crowd up at halftime and win awards when competitions come around. 

With the new season coming around many student’s are wondering what themes the games are gonna be. Will Hawaiian still be a theme? Will they still have jersey day? Maybe there will be new exciting themes that haven’t been done yet. 

Will Addison’s prediction be true? Will the football team live up to expectations? The team certainly is hungry for some wins. All we can do is wait and see. 

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