Changing the Best of Beavers Cards


Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

This year the school has changed its policy concerning the Best of the Beavers card. The requirements for the 

card, when you can get the card, and how many exemptions you can get have all changed. Will this be a good thing or a bad thing? 

One major change is that the cards won’t be distributed each quarter; rather, the school will distribute them once at the end of each semester. This will cause less hassle for the school, but how do students feel about this? Junior Eric Anderson says, “I’m upset that I don’t get the benefits until after first semester.” 

Eric will still get the exam exemption from the card, but because they aren’t distributed them until later, he won’t get the discounts that go with it until the cards are distributed. Another downside to the changes is now you are only allowed to exempt one semester of an AP class. However, you can exempt from exams of different AP classes, just not twice from the same AP class. 

Aside from all the negatives, and there are also some positives. For example, this year they changed the restriction that you can only miss up to three days of school to four days of school. This gives students some more room for doctor’s appointments, orthodontist appointments, and other commitments that make students miss school. On the other hand, students are still upset that excused reasons for missing school count towards the four days you can miss because sometimes you can’t help it you miss school. Maybe this will change in the future. 

 The grade requirements for the cards are still the same as last year. To get the orange you need all A’s with the exception of one B. For black you can have any combination of A’s and B’s, but you need at least one A in a core class. For more information on requirements and rewards from the card, see the sheet you should have received in your advisory class.