Hurricane Dorian Causes Devastation

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

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Hurricane Dorian has been classified as a category five hurricane. It has already devastated the Bahamas and is now heading to Florida. This may not seem very relevant to people in Beavercreek, but this summer, Beavercreek residents experienced their first natural disorder with the tornado that hit over Memorial Day weekend. Now we have somewhat of an idea of what people in the Bahamas are experiencing and we can sympathize. 

There was widespread destruction after Dorian swept through the Bahamas. Many homes have been destroyed and a decent area of the island is under water. Also, so far 43 have been found dead in the Bahamas and there are many more missing. The death toll could rise significantly if the people missing aren’t found. Relief organizations have started to take action and hopefully they can help find the missing, or help others. You can help out by donating to these relief organizations.

Since the hurricane went through the Bahamas, it has ravaged the American coastline. According to, the hurricane has caused about 206,295 customers to be without power in Georgia and South Carolina. This shows how much damage the hurricane has caused and it’s not even done.

Also according to, there is flooding in downtown Charleston due to Dorian. This has caused schools to close in Charleston and also schools to stay closed in five other counties in South Carolina. 

A popular vacation spot has also been affected by the hurricane. The beloved Myrtle Beach has declared a civil emergency as a precaution for Dorian’s worst. However, there is already two roads closed from flooding, so much more damage could come. 

In response to hurricane Dorian there was 1,400 State Guard members activated. This shows you how much damage the hurricane has caused. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated.

Many BHS students feel sympathy for those suffering from the hurricane. A BHS junior, Enoch Graham, said “We are all praying for the people affected by the hurricane.” We hope areas affected by Dorian have a fast recovery and support comes quickly.