Dancing Away At Homecoming

John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

Beavercreek’s homecoming will be held on September 21 this year. The theme for this year is “A Night at the Ritz. A Night at the Ritz” is a movie from 1935. The movie is an American comedy that stars William Gargan, Patricia Ellis, and Allen Jenkins. The music in this movie was created by Leo F. Forbstein. Maybe Homecoming this year will feature some music from Leo F. Forbstein. 

Isabel Moran, a junior at Beavercreek Highschool and a member of student council, described the theme as being 1920s, so maybe there will be a lot of jazz music. She also said, “It’s always fun to get ready and take pictures then go and dance.” Homecoming is always a fun experience. It gives you a chance to dress up and spend time with your friends according to Moran.

Tickets this year are 20 dollars. Earlier they were 15 dollars, but the early bird deal has expired. You can find forms in the Main Office. If you have an out-of-school date, you have to get another form that needs to be signed by both our principal and the principal of the out of school date.  

This year Beavercreek’s homecoming is earlier than it usually is. Most years Beavercreek has homecoming in October. Centerville is having their homecoming three weeks after Beavercreek, which shows how early Beavercreek is having their homecoming. 

Beavercreek schools are closed on September 20, the Friday before homecoming. That is a nice way to give students a chance to get their homework finished before homecoming. It is also a nice break and allows students to enjoy their homecoming weekend even more.  

Make sure to buy your tickets as soon as you can. The tickets will probably stop selling the week before homecoming. Check out the Beavercreek Beacon Instagram and Twitter for more information and news about the school.