Girl’s Tennis Comes Swinging

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

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There are all sorts of men and women sports for the Beavercreek High School.  One current sport going on that I think is often forgotten that deserves more credit is the Women’s Tennis team.  

Starting on the first of August and going all the way until the middle of October, Women’s Tennis is currently in the busiest time of their season: every day after school, they either have a game or a practice.  At this point in the season there are usually about three games a week and practice every day that there is not a game. Most games tend to be at other locations and the team will leave right after school and get home at around 7:30.  

In tennis, it might seem like it would be simple but it is actually very complex.  The part that makes it a lot more complex is that there are many different types of serves, the most common being forehand, backhand, volley, serve, swinging volley, and overhead.  The forehand is the most basic hit in which the player hits the ball with their dominant hand on the racket, bringing it from low to high. Backhand is similar except for that the player uses two hands and they start on the other side.

A volley is close to the net when a player blocks a shot without swinging.  Similarly, a swinging volley and an overhead shot includes not letting the ball hit the ground.  A swinging volley is basically just a forehand hit that involves not letting the ball hit the ground.  Swinging volleys can often be very difficult though as the player has to time it perfectly for it to work.  Overhead shots are more basic and includes hitting the ball over your head before it hits the ground. Sarah Khobaib says that “My favorite shot is the forehand and the occasional swinging volley.”

Make sure to keep cheering on our Beavercreek Girls tennis team!