Which Fast Food is Best – Wendy’s


Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Fast food has become an important part of our society. Fewer people have time for home cooked meals when they are rushing from one activity to the next, and fast food provides a quick way to fill up before your next activity. Fast food is definitely a quick way to eat before your next task, but which fast food is the best tasting and the best for your money?

I think it is clear that Wendy’s is the best tasting and best value fast food restaurant for many reasons. One reason that Wendy’s is overall better is because of their good deals. The Wendy’s Four for Four is an especially amazing deal because of the amount of food you get for just four dollars. For a low price you get a drink, chicken nuggets, fries, and your choice of a sandwich. Just one Four for Four is enough to fill you up, and it’s only four dollars.

Wendy’s has great value and the food also tastes amazing. The food tastes a lot more genuine than McDonald’s burgers do, and it doesn’t make you feel like crap afterward, like Taco Bell burritos do. Wendy’s sell good quality food for low realistic prices; meanwhile, other restaurants would charge you much more for the amount of food you are buying. 

The Frostys at Wendy’s are also a great dessert that comes for a very low price. Frostys are included in many meals, and if you want you can buy it individually for about a dollar. Frosties are a quality ice cream dessert for an extremely low price. During last summer, they even sold frosties for only fifty cents. This is another example of the low prices and quality deals that Wendy’s has. 

A junior at Beavercreek High School, Enoch Graham, says, “I like Wendy’s because it is a restaurant everyone can agree on.” Wendy’s has lots of options and like Enoch said, this allows Wendy’s to be a restaurant everyone can like.

Overall, the low prices, quality deals, and large variety at Wendy’s make it the best fast food restaurant over other restaurants like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Chick-Fil-A.