Girls Volleyball Setting up for Success

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Beavercreek girls volleyball has already been in full swing this school year.  Since the varsity, jv, and freshman teams began in August, they are now right in the middle of their 2019-2020 season.  The varsity team’s season ends in early November while the jv and freshman teams’ season ends around mid-October.  

The varsity volleyball team practices every day after school whenever there is not a game.  On school days when there is not a game, they practice right after school from 3:30-6:00 and on Saturdays when there is not a game they usually practice for about two hours.  When they do have a game, the times of the game can vary, but generally they will eat right after school and then they will have their game.

As for the amount of players per team, there are fourteen players on the varsity team, around fourteen players on the junior varsity team, and ten to twelve players on the freshman team.  While playing games, there are six players on each side of the court with there being five main positions. These positions include passer, outside hitter, middle hitter, right side hitter, and setter.

After being asked about what she likes about the volleyball team, Junior Ana Marie Pullman states that she enjoys “the atmosphere and connection I have with the team members.”  She also spoke about how the varsity girls volleyball team likes saying “Fire me up,” a quote that originated from their volleyball camp at UD over the summer. The team uses this quote as their team’s motivation. 

Overall, all of the teams become very close throughout the season that lasts from August until October or November.  They practice every day that they don’t have a game to become the best they can. Keep cheering on the Volleyball teams by going to their games!