Exploring CCP

John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

CCP, or College Credit Plus, is a program that is offered at most Ohio high schools. The CCP program allows students to take college level classes while also staying in high school. There are two options for CCP: in-house or out-of-house. 

In-house CCP means the classes are taken at the high school but are still college level classes. On the other hand out-of-house CCP means the classes are taken at a college or online and not at the highschool. For out-of-house CCP students usually either come in late or leave early because they are taking classes outside of the high school. For example, some students only have to show up to school at third period because they take their CCP class in the morning. Other students can leave early like after fifth or sixth period because they take their CCP classes in the afternoon. 

CCP classes have many benefits. They give students college credits and highschool credits at the same time. Getting college credits in highschool allows you to possible skip classes of that subject in college. It is similar to the benefits of an AP class just without the AP test. 

Mrs. Massey, the CPP counselor, described the benefits of CCP by saying, “It’s beneficial because you have the opportunity to earn highschool and college credit at the same time and typically students who do CCP can graduate from college one or two years early.”  Mrs. Massey, being the CCP counselor, has seen many students go through the CCP program. 

Graduating from college early can be a great benefit for any student. Students who graduate from college early can start their careers early and start earning money faster. Graduating from practice early also saves that person money because you would pay for fewer semesters. 

CCP can be a great opportunity for students, but it can also be a lot of work. Make sure to talk to your parents and counselor before making your decision.