Marching Into the Season

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

Many students know the marching band plays at halftime, but some don’t know that the marching band has its own competitions. Members have their first competition at Troy this weekend. Also, most students don’t know that there is a difference between the halftime shows are different than their competitions. 

First off, halftime shows have parts of the band’s routine for competitions and competitions are the full show. It’s as if the halftime shows are a sneak peak of the competition. However, the halftime shows have something the competitions don’t have: a song where they go into a formation and play, but they don’t march. 

How are these competitions scored? Each school will perform their routine and judges will give each band a score. The judges will judge based on each band’s visual, musical, and general affect. Those three categories are totaled at the end and each band is given a final score. Whichever band gets the highest score gets first place. 

The BHS marching band has been practicing a lot and preparing for this competition. Everyday at least one section is practicing. For example, percussion practice Monday and wind and guard practice Tuesday. They all practice together on Wednesday and Thursday, which prepares them for the football games. 

With all their practicing, they have high hopes and expect to come out with a win. The competition is Troy is much smaller than most of their other competitions, so it will be easier to win. Tommy Otten, a senior and a member of the marching band, said, “I hope all our hard work pays off in a victory.”

The marching band has the most members of any club with over 300 members. The size is bigger than any other band I’ve ever seen. This helps the band create a great sound and hopefully this helps the band win the competition.