Creating a “Network”


Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

A club here at BHS that is often forgotten is the Beavercreek Network Club.  The Network Club is an anti-drug and substance abuse club that focuses on sharing a message of how teenagers can be happy without doing drugs.  Throughout the year, Network Club participates in and runs several events that promote anti-drug and substance abuse. The club is led by eight student leaders and Mrs. Cron as the teacher advisor.  Senior Lauren Bain says that “people should join Network because we help promote free substance abuse and inform people about the effects of drugs.”

Network Club meets in the auditorium before school on the first Wednesday of every month.  During these meetings, the members talk about upcoming activities that the Network Club will be apart of.  The club is open to anyone as long as they participate in at least one of these activities throughout the year.

The first major activity of the Network Club this year is Red Ribbon Week.  Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign that is observed annually during October throughout the United States.  During that week, the Network Club will put up posters throughout the school as well as have a table at lunch that people can go to.

Another major activity of the Network Club is the hygiene drive throughout November.  During the hygiene drive, classes will have a competition to see who can donate the most items to the Women’s Recovery Center and The Hope Spot.  Both of these organizations greatly rely on and appreciate our contributions the Network Club collects. Lauren says that “actually being able to go and deliver all of the items to the shelter was amazing just to see their reactions.”

Another popular event of the Network Club is the elementary and middle school visits.  During these visits that take place from January through March, students provide presentations to 3rd and 4th grade students regarding the harmfulness of using tobacco.  

There are many more activities that the Network Club participates in and runs throughout the year.  To learn more about how to help out in Network Club, go to a meeting yourself!