Getting Pumped For Spirit Week


John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

Next week is Spirit Week. Spirit Week always happens the week before Homecoming. It is a chance for students to dress up and show their Beavercreek pride. Enoch Graham, a junior at BHS, said this about spirit week: ”I love the chance to show my pride and be connected with my school.”

Spirit Week starts off on Friday the 13th and it is creek spirit day. This means you should wear your Beavercreek colors. If you play sports, you could wear your jersey or jackets. Spirit wear is also fine to show your Creek pride. 

The next theme is tropical and is on Monday the 16th. Most people will probably wear a button up with Hawaiian designs. Make sure you follow the dress code because the coconut bikini will not match the dress code. 

On Tuesday the 17th it is U.S.A day. Wear your red, white, and blue. Bring your American flags and all your patriotic gear. Show some pride in your country this Tuesday. 

Suburban parent day is on Wednesday the 18th. Borrow some of your parent’s shoes for this one. Bring your dad shoes and fanty packs. Hats are allowed on this day but not any other day. 

The final theme is 80s and will be on Thursday the 19th. Wear the disco pants, and bring the fake Afros. This will be the last themed day because we have no school on Friday the 20th. 

Ending Spirit Week on Thursday is the pep rally. The pep rally will feature all the fall sports teams and whoever signed up to be in it. After Spirit Week, the Homecoming football game is happening. Hopefully all this hype from Spirit Week will boost the team to win. Finally, Homecoming happens on the Saturday after the game.