Which Characters Smash the Competition?


Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

With 74 characters or more with DLC’s(downloadable content), it can be hard to choose what character to play with in Smash Ultimate. Due to the countless characters in Smash Ultimate, all the characters vary in skill. Ultimately, your playstyle should determine your character choice. For example, if you like to use more projectiles, a character like Samus would be a smart choice for you. 
It’s hard to say one character is the best, because everyone likes a different character or sets of characters. For a new player, I would recommend choosing either King K. Rool or Cloud. King K. Rool is good for beginners because he has powerful attacks, and also has one of the best recoveries in the game. A good recovery can be good for new players because getting back on the course after being knocked off can be a struggle. Bad recoveries can be a handicap to characters that would be a good character if they had a decent recovery, take characters like Little Mac for example. 

Cloud is just an overall good character, so once you learn how to play him you will be a decent player. Cloud is a good melee character, has strong smash attacks, and good projectiles. Also, Cloud has a thing called his limit. As Cloud gets hit more and more, his limit charges up (there’s also a move that you can charge yourself, but it leaves you more vulnerable) and once it fills up his next move is an extra strong attack. This makes Cloud one of the best characters to play. 

Jacob Kolaczkowski, a junior at BHS, says, “Young Link is the only cool character in Smash Ultimate.” I agree that Young Link is a cool character, but I like other characters over him.  Jacob also said that “Falco from Smash Melee is the sickest character in any smash game.” Smash Melee is one of the oldest renditions of the video game series and Jacob believes Falco still holds the spot for the best character even with the new games released. 

The crazy amount of characters makes it hard to find a consensus for the best characters, but I think Cloud is the overall best player.