Fantasy Football Excites Sports Watchers


Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

NFL football season is finally back in season! People all across America love watching the NFL and it can help people to connect with other people who like similar sports or teams. One of the important ways that people connect with their friends and family over the NFL is through fantasy football. 

Fantasy football is a popular pastime for anyone who loves to watch sports and make predictions about important games. In a fantasy league, each participant will draft players at the beginning of the season who they think will do well throughout the rest of their games. During the regular season, each player will pick up and drop players as their players perform well or not so well in their games. At the end of the regular season, similarly to the NFL, there are playoffs and the top teams in the league compete to reveal the overall champion.

Many Beavercreek students and teachers are involved in fantasy leagues with their friends. It is a fun way to connect with your friends over sports and it’s an easy thing to talk about.

Last week was the first week of NFL season games so the season is just getting started. A normal season has about thirteen normal season games with around three weeks of playoffs games. Each set of games takes a week because they line up with the NFL game schedule. It’s important when you are positioning your players to understand how much they will be playing at that specific game and which team they are playing against.

Overall, fantasy football is a game full of risk calculation, strategy, trading, and luck. You can expect to see anyone involved in a fantasy league to be closely watching NFL games over the upcoming weeks and checking up on their players.