Contributing to the Beacon


Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

The fact that you are reading this article right now means that you are on the Beavercreek Beacon website.  Led by myself, Spencer Hancock, John Rick, and Mark Rick, the Beavercreek Beacon is the school’s newspaper responsible for presenting the morning announcements every Tuesday and Thursday, collecting and playing music for music Friday, and posting articles on the Beavercreek Beacon website about what’s going on around the school.

The morning announcements are a new thing this year for the school and for the Beavercreek Beacon staff.   Every Monday and Wednesday, the staff collects the announcements for the following day’s morning announcements. 

Another way in which students can contribute to the Beavercreek Beacon is through submitting songs for Music Friday.  During every music Friday we share what the theme will be for the following music Friday. Students can then go and submit song requests on a post-it note on the Newspaper room door, room 2052, next to Mrs. Russ’s room.  On this post-it note there must be the song, the artist of the song, and the name and grade of the person submitting that song. Requests can also be submitted on the Beavercreek Beacon webpage. Most of the requests are accepted and used for the following music Friday as long as it is submitted by Thursday morning of that week.

One of the least known ways in which students can contribute to the Beacon is through submitting story ideas on the Beavercreek Beacon webpage.  The newspaper stories fit into five categories including news, inside BHS, sports, student life, and opinions. Any student who wants an article about something that could go into one of these five categories can go submit them and the staff will most likely use their request.  

Along with all of these ways to contribute to the Beavercreek Beacon, students can always vote on the weekly poll that is up on the website.  Now that you know how to make a contribution to the Beavercreek Beacon, go and submit your songs and ideas!