Girls Soccer Is On A Roll

John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

The Beavercreek women’s soccer team has been on a roll this season. They are currently on an 12-game win streak, which brings their record to 21-0. Their current state ranking is seventh place. They are behind Walsh Jesuit, Anthony Wayne, Brunswick, Eastwood, Medina, and Liberty-Benton. 

Last year the Beavercreek Women’s soccer team won a state title. In the finals they beat Strongsville and gave them their first loss of the season. Beavercreek went undefeated throughout the whole season with an ending record of 24-0. Hopefully Beavercreek can keep this up to win again this year.

Marcela Cash was a huge part in their championship win, but this year Cash has decided not to play for the high school. The Beavercreek Women’s soccer team will need someone to step up. It will be hard to fill up Cash’s huge impact as a goal scorer. 

They will need someone with a good scoring mindset to bring them to the state championship this year. Grace Pfaffenbichler, a junior on the girls’ varsity soccer team, said this about the soccer team: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This is the attitude she thinks the soccer team needs to be successful. 

Last Wednesday September 25 the team had a big win over a GWOC opponent. They beat Spirngboro 5-1. So clearly they haven’t had trouble scoring goals. It would have been nice to get the shut out but it is still a really good result.

The women’s team is currently ranked 26 in the nation. They are ranked right above Medina, which is another Ohio high school. Medina struggles to beat Beavercreek because the boys soccer team beat Medina in the state finals and now the girls soccer team is ranked above them nationally.

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