Spikeball Club Starting Up


John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

A new club has started up at Beavercreek High School. That club is the Spikeball Club. Spikeball is a game that involves a net that sits on the ground. The players need to hit the ball on the net and have it land on the ground before the other team gets it. Two teams play the game at a time. A team gets a point every time the ball hits the ground after they hit it on the net. 

The first meeting is this Thursday September 26 in Mrs. Burcham’s room. After the first week, meetings will happen every Wednesday. Students will get a chance to learn the rules of Spikeball and go over different strategies of the game. Also, students will get a chance to have fun and make friends while playing Spikeball.

One of the members of Spikeball Club, the junior Mitchel Nelson, said, “Spikeball Club is not just about our love of the sport, it’s about the bond we make along the way.” This quote really illustrates the bonds that can be made through Spikeball and what a great opportunity Spikeball Club is for BHS students.

T.J. Holte was the student who founded the Spikeball Club. He is an eleventh grader. Many people wanted to start a Spikeball Club, and he got it done. 

Holte expects a decent amount of people to show up to the first meeting this Thursday. Currently there is a Spikeball Club group chat with twenty people so the Spikeball Club can at least expect around twenty people to attend the meetings. Posters are also posted around the school to advertise the club so the club could expect good attendance. 

Make sure to attend the first meeting this Thursday September 26 in Mrs. Burchams room and see Thomas Holte for information about the club.