Vaping Hurting Students

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

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Vaping has become a very popular, unhealthy habit among high school students. The habit is very detrimental to health and is very addictive. Many highschoolers have gotten addicted to vaping and vape in between periods. The bathrooms have become the prime spot for vapers. So many students are vaping that teachers have to check the bathrooms for vapers.

The principal have been constantly giving out suspensions, but they can’t stop everyone. The suspensions won’t stop students students who are already addicted. However, it is possible to stop.

Many people think vaping is better than smoking cigarettes; however, vaping is just as bad or even worse. Jacob Macdonald, a sophomore at BHS, said,  “I learned the other day that vaping juice can have to five times the amount of nicotine as regular cigarettes. That’s not okay. People have been dying and it’s time everyone stops this nasty habit before someone else gets hurt.” The illusion that vaping isn’t that bad for you is false, and people need to stop vaping. 

Around the world, people have been getting random sickness that could be correlated to vaping. Many lung injuries have been reported around the United States. All the victims of these injuries have had histories of vaping. However, the exact causes of the illnesses are unknown. Doctors believe It’s very likely that there is a correlation between vaping and these sudden illnesses. Even though the specific causes are unknown, doctors still recommend to refrain from vaping. 

Vaping was originally meant for people trying to quit smoking, but young people have still gotten their hands on E-cigs. E-cig companies like Juul have got some criticism for appealing to younger people. Many people want a ban on vapes. 

Even though we don’t know the long-term effects of vaping, there is evidence it has negative effects. It would be best to stay away from vaping at all costs.