Which Roller Coaster is Best – Diamondback

Which Roller Coaster is Best - Diamondback

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Amusement parks can be a lot of fun for those of us who love roller coasters and fun activities. Here in Beavercreek there are several great amusement parks near us such as King’s Island, Land of Illusion, and Cedar Point. In my opinion the best roller coaster from these parks is Diamondback from Kings Island. 

As of now, Diamondback is the fastest and tallest roller coaster in all of King’s Island and because of this it is many people’s favorite ride. For those who are seeking a thrill, the speed and the height of the ride allow them to enjoy it much more than tamer rides. At its max height Diamondback is two hundred and thirty feet in the air. 

The first drop of Diamondback drops you an entire 215 feet and it drops you at a seventy-four degree angle. This almost straight downward fall excites riders and gives them a feeling of freefall that many roller coaster riders love to feel.

Diamondback is also especially enjoyable because it is so long. Throughout the trip, riders travel across 5,282 feet of track and they experience ten different high speed elevation drops. Throughout the ride riders reach a max speed of eighty miles per hour as they go up and down the track. 

Since Diamondback’s debut in 2009, it has ranked among the top 10 steel roller coasters in the world in annual industry and enthusiast polls. It is consistently a favorite of both first time riders and roller coaster enthusiasts. Diamondback appeals to riders in a way that most other riders never can. Andrew, a senior from Beavercreek High School, said, “Diamondback is super fun, and I will remember it forever.”

Overall Diamondback  is a great experience that roller coaster riders love. It may not have a lot of loops and inversions but its max speed and high elevation drops appeal to all types of riders. The next time you go to King’s Island, make sure you check out Diamondback. You won’t regret it.