Boy’s Golf Putting to Victory

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Golf is a fun sport that many of us don’t actually understand. If you weren’t aware, Beavercreek actually has two golfs team that competes regularly with other high schools across the district. 

In golf you are working to get a golf ball into a hole with as few hits as possible and it requires lots of very precise movements to get the ball exactly where you want it. The players that finish the course with the least amount of hits get the best scores.

Golf is very difficult to play and it requires lots of practice to get really good at placing the ball as close to the hole as possible. Even just swinging at a driving range can be difficult, let alone swinging towards a specific target. Golf is not as similar to mini-golf as many of us would expect and it is much more difficult.

Here at Beavercreek, our men’s golf coach is Mr. Nartger, a physics teacher. One of the students in Men’s golf, Erik Anderson, said, “Golf is super fun and I love playing it with my friends.”

The golf team has competed at several competitions around the area including Xenia, Wayne, Springboro, Lebanon, Centerville, and GWOC. The team may not have as much popularity as some of our other fall sports, but they are just as competitive as the others. 

Make sure you find some of your classmates that play golf in the upcoming weeks and congratulate them for their hard work. Follow the Bcreek Beacon on Instagram and Twitter to get more updates on sports and other activities.