Reviewing the PE Waiver

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Do you ever wish that you could get out of your gym classes?  Do you feel like you do enough physical activity throughout the year?  Well, there is something that is often forgotten that can help you with this dilemma:  the Physical Education Waiver.

For those of you who have never heard of the PE Waiver before, the PE Waiver is a form that can be filled out that allows a student to not be required to take a PE class.  Anyone can use a PE Waiver to get out of a PE class as long as he or she participates in a school sport for at least two complete seasons. Each season would count as a fourth of a gym credit, so you would end up with the required one half gym credit at the end of the two seasons.

One subject of controversy surrounding the PE Waiver is what activities should be accepted.  Most activities are rather obvious on if they should count for the PE Waiver or not, but others are not so easy to determine.  Only a few years ago, marching band was added to the list of activities accepted for the PE Waiver, and next year, show choir will also be added to the PE Waiver.  

One question that is often asked about the PE Waiver is what constitutes a “full season” for the PE Waiver?  Participation throughout the season is determined by the athletic director and the full season includes the first practice all the way until the last event or banquet as per the athletic handbook.  Another frequently asked question regarding the PE Waiver is whether a season would count if you got injured at some point throughout the season or if you got kicked out or quit at some point throughout the season.  Beavercreek City Schools has stated that a season where you got injured would still count as long as the athletic director concedes that the student actively participated and made contributions in spite of injury. As for getting kicked out or quitting during the season, the Beavercreek City Schools has stated that those seasons would not count toward the PE Waiver.