Proposing Gun Restrictions


John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

Ohio Governor Mike Dewine has recently called for a legislative proposal to help curb gun violence. Less than two weeks ago he wanted “red flag” laws and universal background checks. On the other hand, Dewine said that he won’t submit legislative that has no chance of passing the Ohio General Assembly.

The Ohio General Assembly is dominated by Republicans who, could pose a problem to Dewine’s proposal. Republicans are generally against gun restrictions. This could make passing a bill to institute universal background checks and a “red flag” law very hard.

 Dewine says that he thinks that his approach will save lives and respect people’s Second Amendment rights. Respecting the Second Amendment is important to many Americans, so if Dewine is right then this proposal might be able to pass. 

This proposal would expand on the current “pink slip” law and is regarded as an “enhanced safety protection order.” In this expansion it would add substance abuse as a reason to be pink slipped. Along with this, anyone who is decided to be a danger would be required to surrender their weapons. 

The bill has some support from the people of Beavercreek. Michael Fauber, a junior at BHS, says, “I believe there should be universal background checks.” This could inspire the predominantly Republican Ohio General Assembly to pass this proposal.

This summer Dayton suffered a great tragedy due to the effect of guns. The tragedy happened on August 4, 2019, and ten people were killed, including the shooter. Voters could very easily be affected by this. Obviously people directed by this tragic event will most likely want more restrictions on guns. 

According to a survey from 2016, 86 percent of Americans support universal background checks. However, most places don’t have universal background checks, and Governor Dewine believes Ohio’s background check system is flawed.