What’s on the November Ballot?

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

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It’s important to vote in elections and on new legislation to ensure that you are represented in government and that your voice is heard. For many seniors, they may be able to vote in the upcoming November ballot in Beavercreek so understanding what is on the ballot is important. Here’s what’s on the ballot for November:

  • Beavercreek School Board
    • Pag Arnold
    • Chirs Stein
    • Gene Taylor
  • Beavercreek Mayor
    • Bob Stone
    • Julie Vann
  • Beavercreek Township Fire Levy
  • Greene County Parks Levy
  • Beavercreek Council
    • Don Adams
    • Peter Bales
    • Charles Curran
    • Glen Duerr
  • Beavercreek Charter Amendments

These issues are very important for all of us who live in Beavercreek, so if you are old enough to vote, make sure you study these six issues enough to vote confidently for the best candidates and levys.