Quarter Two Has Arrived

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Quarter one is finally over. Believe it or not, but we have been in school for over nine weeks. It’s important to understand how to approach quarter two now that quarter one is over and we are farther into the school year. 

For those of us who are looking to improve our grade transcripts and the grades on them, we need to understand where those grades come from. Your quarter one grade is important because it counts for forty percent of your semester grade and could affect your grade for the rest of the year. If you want to average an A or a B for the semester, you need to make sure your average grade for the quarters is high enough to maintain that with the semester exam.

Another important thing to understand about quarter two is the shortened length of the quarter. Quarter two is only eight weeks long compared to the nine and a half week quarter one. This length is shortened even more by the Thanksgiving break and exam week so the quarter feels even shorter than it actually is. This means that doing well on your few tests for this quarter is extremely important because it will have a big effect on your grade now that there are fewer grades per quarter.

At the end of quarter two is exam week, so you need to make sure you are studying for your exams as well. Each of these exams is worth twenty percent of your semester grade, so you need to do well on them. If you do well enough on your grades and miss fewer than three days of school, then you will be able to exempt one of your semester exams and have that grade not affect your overall semester average. This is a very beneficial perk to having good grades as it allows you to skip school and relax before the end of the semester.

Remember these tips as you head into the second quarter and semester exams. If you stay focused and work hard, everything will work out alright.