Cross Country Runs to First Place


Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Our Beavercreek cross country is approaching the end of an amazing season. Although the regular season is over, our varsity teams have still been practicing for regional and state competitions.

Last week our team competed at districts and took home first place. Their hard work and dedication has currently put our team as first place in the state and third place in the nation. They will continue to put in lots of practice so that can continue to improve for the remainder of the season. They compete at regionals on Saturday and at state after that. They will be looking to win first place at those competitions as well.

Our teams are led by some incredible students. Taylor Ewert is one noticeable one. She overall ranks fourth in the nation out of all high school competing girls. She is helping to lead our girls cross country team to victory this year. Issac Leigninger is another student who has been practicing with the varsity team over the past few weeks, and he said, “I think our team can place really well at the regional and state competitions over the next few weeks.”

Make sure you go and support our cross country team and push them to victory as they compete at regional and state. These competitions are very crucial for them and for our entire school. Make sure to keep checking the Beacon for updates on the cross country team and their performances at competitions.