Women’s Volleyball Wrapping Up

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

The BHS women’s volleyball team finished out their season this past Tuesday against Troy.  The team barely lost with the game going into the fifth set. Each game goes until one of the teams get three sets, so this was a very close game to finish out the season. 

The team did very well in the tournament overall, making it to district semis.  To get to district semi’s, the team was able to beat Bellbrooke and Fairmont. The win against Fairmont was very big for the team as they had lost to them earlier in the season.  

By the end of the season, the team had a record of thirteen wins and eleven losses.  Overall, the team feels like they should’ve done better than they did. Junior Ana Marie Pohlmann speaks for the team when she states, “The season did not go how we thought it would.  We hope to have a better record next year.” Currently, prospects for the team next year are very uncertain as there is a high possibility of having a very young team.

This year, the team’s seniors were Gabby Turner, Emma Tetlak, Michelle Fath, and Grace Phillips, with Michelle Fath and Grace Phillips as the team captains.  As team captains, they were in charge of going up to the refs before each game and decide who has the first serve.

Now that the school women’s volleyball season is over, open gyms are starting for the guys volleyball team, which resumes in the spring.  While this is happening, club volleyball is also starting up for both women and men who want to play over the winter.