Reviewing Halloween Custumes

Reviewing Halloween Custumes

John Rick, Inside BHS Editor

Every year people turn to the internet to find good halloween costumes. In this article we will look at the top ten costumes searched in September. 

In tenth place we have the unicorn. Unicorns are a classic mythical creature that everyone recognizes. It is a unique and different costume. I personally have never seen a unicorn costume, but it could be a great costume. 

Coming in at tenth place is 1980s. A costume for the 1980s would include bright colors and an afro for the guys. Clothes in the 1980s were very flamboyant and outgoing. 

Chucky finished in eighth place. If you don’t know Chucky is a character from a horror movie called Chucky. In the movie Chucky, Chucky is a creepy doll, so it doesn’t seem to be a bad costume. 

Fortnite finished in seventh place. This category leaves a lot of room for creativity because there are so many different costumes for it. If you want a broad topic for your costume, then Fortnite might be for you.

At sixth place we have a clown which everyone knows. Everyone knows the classic clown look: red nose, white makeup, and bright clothes.

Halfway through we have Descendants at fifth. Descendants is a Disney Channel movie from 2015 that features offspring of previous Disney villains trying to earn redemption.

In fourth place we have dinosaurs, more specifically T-rex. On Amazon, you can buy an official Jurassic World inflatable T-rex costume for 52.83 dollars. 

Now we are into the top three costumes. Spider-Man finished in third place. The recent Avengers movies have sparked Spider-Man’s popularity so it is no surprise that it is a popular costume. 

In second we have a witch. A witch is a female version of a wizard. A good example of a witch is the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. 

In first, ranking as the most searched costume in September is Pennywise from It. Pennywise probably grew in popularity after the recent release of It 2. This costume is very similar to clown, which finished in sixth place.

All of these things are good costumes; what you choose depends on what you want. Autumn Hutchinson, a junior, said, “My favorite costume is Forrest Gump.” Autumn’s quote shows that you don’t need to use a costume from this list to have a good costume.