Beavercreek Principal Resigns

Beavercreek Principal Resigns

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

On the evening of October 31, Beavercreek High School’s principal, George Caras, reached a separation agreement that was unanimously approved by the school board.  This agreement ended an internal investigation that had been going on for the past month that had placed him on paid leave. 

Mr. Caras was put on administrative leave on September 27th after self-reporting to Superintendent Paul Otten that he said an inappropriate word during a conversation with a student.  Caras’ wife explained in a social media post shortly after the announcement that Caras had said the “N word” while explaining how the word has taken on many different connotations over the years.  Her comment reads, “It was a benign discussion, but the student got offended when George, in his conversation of how the word has changed, said the more urban version used today.  It wasn’t to the student, or about the student, or anyone else … it was about the term itself and was said once within the discussion on how the word has changed over time.” She additionally said that Caras had apologized to the student as well as called the student’s parents before he called the superintendent about the conversation.  District officials reminded the community that It is very important to note that Caras’ resignation is more complex than this situation alone and that students and parents must realize that they may not know the full story.

In the past, Caras has worked as a principal at schools in the Dayton area since the early 1990s.  Before getting hired at Beavercreek, Caras worked at the Northmont district until he was reprimanded for alleged mishandling of personal and student affairs.  In Beavercreek, Caras previously received a warning because of inappropriate behavior during a staff meeting.

To many of the students at Beavercreek High School, the resignation of the principal was very disheartening.  The Dayton Daily News has been contacted by former and current parents and students who describe Caras as very well-liked and student-oriented.  Although there are many mixed feelings on the situation as a whole with Caras’ resignation, there seems to be a general consensus from the students: he will be missed.