Closing Up a Good Season

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

Our boys’ golf team might be a small team, but they make a huge impact. Throughout the season they gave it their all at practice and at games. All their work lead to them to a pretty successful. 

At the end of the season, their record was 100-102. You may be wondering how the golf team played 202 games, but the golf team didn’t actually play 202 games. For golf, the records work differently than other sports. For other sports every competition you either get a loss or a win, but in golf you could get five wins in one competition. In golf competitions multiple schools compete and you get a win for every team you beat and a lose for every team that beat you. 

For example, if you got first place out of five teams your record would be 4-0 or if you got third place out of five teams then your record would be 2-2. This is very different compared to other sports. No other sport has a record like that.

The golf team had a successful season. The golf team’s coach, Mr. Nartker, says, “The team had a great start to the season, but we started to decline later on but made improvements throughout the season.” They started off the season really strong, but started to decline later on in the season. This forced the team to make adjustments throughout the season. These adjustments helped the team improve and they beat some big teams. 

The team went through some adversity, but they made an impressive comeback. At the league championship they didn’t have a great outing and finished in second at the league championship. Even though it wasn’t first it was still an impressive finish. Overall, the golf team had a successful season and should be excited for what next year will bring.