Exploring New Programs at the GCCC

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

BHS students attending the Greene County Career Center will see a big change next year: starting in 2020 there will be a new building for the Greene County Career Center.  The 7,500 square foot facility will be used to create a better experience for all of those who participate in the Greene County Career Center programs.  

The GCCC already offers many different programs including video and animation, culinary arts, welding, and cosmetology just to name a few.  With the construction of the new career center building, the GCCC will be offering three new programs.

The first new program that will be offered at the new GCCC building is cybersecurity.  This new program will allow students to learn the latest techniques to be successful in a career field involving smartphone and home security systems.  The students will learn the hardware, software, and programming skills that are needed to become a successful cyber security technician as well as the foundation required for college success.  

Another new program that will be offered at the new GCCC building is engineering technology.  This program will focus on the region’s in-demand job market of advanced materials and manufacturing used in the aerospace industry.  Students will learn specialized technical skills developed by the Department of Defense as the core and advanced skills for today’s workplace.

The final new program offered at the GCCC is aviation maintenance technician.  Students in this unique program will learn their technical skills at the brand new, state of the art airport hangar located at the Lewis A. Jackson Greene County Regional Airport while academics will be learned at the new Career Center.  Through participation in the program, students will have the opportunity to earn the FAA General and Airframe certification which leads to several lucrative employment opportunities.

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