The Best Thing About Thanksgiving – Food

John Rick, Inside BHS Editor

Everyone remembers the food from Thanksgiving. Getting together with your family on Thanksgiving is great, but you can see your family at any other time. The food from Thanksgiving is the thing that is remembered, and the leftovers are what’s fought over the next day. 

Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate the Native Americans that helped the early American Colonists survive and make food. This holiday recreates the dinner the Native Americans and American Colonists had before winter to celebrate the harvest. That famous meal is how we got many of the foods we eat on Thanksgiving today. 

The atmosphere at the dinner table on Thanksgiving is an irreplaceable feeling. After waiting and fasting all day, no one can wait to start eating. Everyone loves at least one Thanksgiving food that they like. It could be turkey, stuffing, or mashed potatoes.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the food that is associated with it. When people think of Thanksgiving, they think of turkey and pumpkin pie more often than anything else. Many families do many different activities together on Thanksgiving. Those activities tend to vary. The only activity that is consistent for everyone’s Thanksgiving is eating the great food that is associated with the holiday. 

Some may say that family is the best part of Thanksgiving, but the food is what brings people together on Thanksgiving. The great food on Thanksgiving is what stops the petty arguments and fighting siblings. Nothing is more uniting than sharing a good meal. 

There are so many good food options for Thanksgiving. Michael Fauber, a junior at Beavercreek High School said, “My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes.” Other classic dishes for Thanksgiving include stuffing, cranberry sauce, casserole,  and Turkey. After all those yummy dishes, dessert is served. The classic dessert for Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. 

 Food is the most memorable, unifying, and enjoyable thing about Thanksgiving, so it is definitely the best part of Thanksgiving.