Election Results Decided

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

On November 5th, Greene County residentsvoted for their representatives and policies for their county. Throughout the day, people from all over Greene County went to polling stations to submit their votes for the various issues on the ballot. Here are the results:


Beavercreek Mayor

  1. Bob Stone (54%)
  2. Julie Vann (46%)


Beavercreek Council (Top 3)

  1. Don Adams (28%)
  2. Peter Bales (28%)
  3. Charles Curran (22%)
  4. Glen Duerr (22%)


Beavercreek School Board (Top 2)

  1. Gene Taylor (38%)
  2. Chris Stein (33%)
  3. Peg Arnold (28%)


Fire Levy

  1. Yes (59%)
  2. No (41%)


Beavercreek Charter Amendments

  1. Yes (55%)
  2. No (45%)


As you can see, there were many close races in this election on several issues. For example, the race for the office of Beavercreek’s mayor was only won by 8% of the vote, and the race for the third Beavercreek Council spot was decided by less than 1% of the vote. The people that we have put into office will continue to influence our community until the next election, so let’s hope the voters made the right decisions.