The Best Thing About Thanksgiving – Family

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

People always think that the best thing about Thanksgiving is the food, but this is not true. There are so many better things about Thanksgiving than food. The best thing about Thanksgiving is seeing all of your family together in one place. 

During Thanksgiving break, everyone is off school, work, and siblings off at college often come home. This allows everyone to spend time together and just be a family. During a tough school year this can be what all students need: some time off school and family time. This time off can reunite the family and strengthen family relationships. 

Families can do many things together during Thanksgiving. For example, many families go watch a movie while the turkey is in the oven or watch the Macy’s Parade. Some families will play backyard football or just spend time together. Some Families even go on vacation during Thanksgiving, which is a lot better than food. Quality time spent with family is way better than the food you eat on Thanksgiving. 

Jacob MacDonald, a sophomore at BHS, says, “Thanksgiving would be nothing without my family. Every year I look forward to backyard football, board games, and telling stories with my family.” There’s nothing better than the feeling of just having a good time with your family. There are so many things to do and things to watch. There are always football games to watch and there are always movies to watch. Watching a movie or a football game is a great way to spend time with family.

Many people think that the food is the best, but the food wouldn’t be the same without family. When you’re eating the delicious dinner, you are with your family and catching up to the members of the family you haven’t seen in forever. At the dinner table you can have long conversations and just be a family. You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. 

The quality time you get with your family is way better than the food on Thanksgiving because it creates memories and you can catch up with family. Also, the food wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t eating the food with your family.