Bowling Season Rolling in

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

With all of the sports that have been finishing up in these past few weeks, bowling season is just starting up!  This week marks the beginning of the season for the Beavercreek girls and boys varsity and junior varsity teams.

This year’s boys varsity team includes Seth Koloski, Michael Donahue, Anthony Dorsten, Nick Costa, Brent Shroyer, and Aaron Reeve while the girls varsity team includes Megan Mchone, Josselyn Terpenning, Paige Rockwell, Jacqueline Jones, Alana Brown, and Allison Gaines. When asked why she likes being on the bowling team, junior Josselyn Terpenning states that “I love the people and the amazing coaches.”  The coaches this year are Bob Bobbitt, Jack Donahue, Micki Sumner, and Dusty Sumner.

Practices for bowling are once or twice a week for an hour and a half.  The practice schedule depends on how many matches the teams have that week.  Along with the games, the teams compete at many tournaments throughout the season, the first being later this month on Saturday, November 23.  

Tournaments for bowling can be very intense.  Each tournament starts with around 15 all the way up to 40 teams, depending on the tournament.  In the morning of the tournament, the teams have two or three individual games with five people bowling at a time.  After lunch are baker games, matches that involve teams playing a single game with the members rotating out who bowls each frame.  The top eight or sixteen teams, depending on the size of the tournament, move on to match play. During match play, teams will go head to head in baker games and play best two out of three or best three out of five.  The tournament will then keep going until there is one team remaining.

State tournament is March 6th for the boys and March 7th for the girls.  Any team that goes to state automatically qualifies for nationals in June.  Last year, the Beavercreek team ranked 2nd in the state and 6th in the nation, so it will be exciting to see what they can do this year.  Make sure to support our amazing bowling teams!