Snow Days are Coming

Snow Days are Coming

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

When you live in Ohio, you quickly get used to the unexpected weather and temperature changes. The weather seems to shift so quickly that you can never be completely sure what it will be like the next week. This can lead to some exciting weather changes that results in unexpected snow days and relieving breaks for students.

Snow days are loved by students and teachers alike because they are like an unexpected day off. Many students like to anticipate snow days and perform their own rituals or actions they think will somehow make the snow day more likely to happen. 

Some of these rituals include flushing ice cubes down the toilet, putting a spoon underneath your pillow, doing a snow dance, placing a white crayon in the freezer, and wearing your pajamas inside out. These rituals may seem random or unnecessary but they have stuck around for many years and through many different generations. 

Matthew Macdonald, a junior at Beavercreek High School, said, “I always do the snow day rituals. They somehow make snow days more likely.”  Many students would agree with Matthew’s statement even if it seems like these rituals have no direct correlation to snow days.

Snow days are one of the greatest things for students and teachers alike, so I’m sure there will be lots of people participating in these snow day rituals now that the winter season is really beginning to kick off.