What Temperature is Best – Hot

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

There has always been an age old question on which is better: being too hot or too cold.  This question is not very difficult as it has an easy answer; Being too hot is much better than being too cold.

First off, as we enter into the cold, icy, snowy season, everyone can agree that scraping their car each morning is never a fun task.  As high schoolers, especially, many of us are forced to park our cars outside the garage and it results in our cars being covered with ice and snow in the mornings.  This results in a frigid, miserable drive to school every morning. We all know the feeling you get when your car finally gets warm enough to be comfortable only when you have already reached your destination.  Junior Madelyne Syphus says, “Hot weather is way better than cold weather. I just have a lower tolerance to cold weather so it feels way worse.”

Another notable mention as to why being too hot is better than too cold is because if it is too cold outside, then nobody can do anything without feeling like their hands are going to fall off.  In addition, everyone ends up looking like a big marshmallow with all of their coats on every time they are outside. Meanwhile, when it is too hot outside, people can at least do stuff for a minute or two without feeling like are about to melt away.  Think of going to get the mail, for example. When it is really cold outside, getting the mail is a terrible experience involving freezing your ears off and taking a ton of time to put on coats. You also can’t go fast because there is often ice. In the heat, getting the mail can be unpleasant, but nothing awful when you can quickly run to the mailbox and back.

Overall, hot weather is way better than cold weather.