What Temperature is Best – Cold

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

When you live in Ohio, you are used to the dramatic weather shifts every day. You’ve experienced temperatures above one hundred degrees and temperatures below zero degrees at different times here in Ohio. I’m here to argue that colder weather is better than warmer weather if you had to have one or the other.

Warmer weather is great when it’s around sixty or seventy degrees, but once it starts to get really hot and around ninety degrees or higher, there’s nothing you can do. That type of heat will give you headaches and prevent any type of activity you were planning on having outside of your house. 

Another thing that makes heat difficult is that it is difficult to deal with or work around. When the weather gets colder, you can just put on another layer of clothing and grab a few more hand-warmers, but when the weather gets hotter and hotter, there’s only so much you can do. A small fan won’t be able to keep you cool on a really hot day, and any activity you might have planned for outside will not work 

Colder weather also has the benefits of snow days and other activities involving snow. Colder weather allows for sledding, snowball fights, and other creative snow ideas. Despite the cold, a simple coat or extra layer can allow for many more activities than the hotter weather could.

The nice thing about Ohio is that we get to experience both different types of weather without experiencing extreme variations of either temperature. Either way, it looks like the colder weather has already arrived in Ohio and it will most likely stay for several more months, so we might as well embrace it.