Snowy Driving Begins


John Rick, Inside BHS Editor

Winter coming up means more ice and snow on the roads. With all of this in the near future, you should make sure you know how to drive and be safe in these conditions. 

Defrosting your car before leaving will make your morning easier. It makes scraping ice off your car off easier, which gives you better visibility. Even if you are running late, make sure to scrape the ice off your car and wait a little bit for the defrosters to melt some of the ice.

It is also important to drive slower than you normally do. Driving slowly helps you stay in control of your vehicle and avoid skids. According to Mathew Macdonald, a junior at Beavercreek High School, “Driving in the winter can be very dangerous so make sure to drive careful and slow.” Along with driving slowly you should learn how to drive against the skid. 

A skid is when one or more tires slip which cause the driver to have less control over the vehicle. In order to counter a back-wheel skid, you need to turn into the skid or steer to the side that the back of the car is sliding to. For a front-wheel skid, you should just straighten the wheel. With these tips hopefully you can stay safe from skids.

When the road is icy, hard stops should also be avoided. Hard stops will cause the car to slip. A way to avoid this would be to hit the brakes in short and repeated intervals. This helps prevent skids from occurring. Another way to avoid skidding is to take turns very slow using the brakes as little possible.