Second Quarter is too Short

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Here at Beavercreek High School, the school year is divided into four different quarters of the year as is typical with many high schools. This is a fine way to divide your school year, but one big problem with our way of doing this is the shortened second quarter.

Although most quarters are around nine to ten weeks long, the second quarter is for some reason only eight weeks long. These eight weeks include exam week, which doesn’t really count as part of the regular quarter. This means that there are only seven weeks of actual normal instruction throughout the quarter, and even those seven weeks are split up by a Thanksgiving Break in the middle.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages to having such a short second quarter. It’s nice having a short quarter because it feels like it flies by very quickly and that school is moving along at a fast pace. However, the short quarter also leads to less grades in the gradebook and less opportunities to prove yourself in your classes. This means that one bad grade on a test or quiz could greatly impact your quarter grade or even your semester grade. This can be unfortunate for people who need more time to pull their grades up.

I think that in the future it would be nice if we switched one week from first quarter and made it become a second quarter week so that the two quarters would be more equal in time. Madelyne Syphus, a junior at the high school, said, “I think the idea of moving one week to the second quarter would be a good idea.” So much of the second quarter is taken by exams and exam preparation, so more time in the second quarter would be beneficial for everyone.

Good luck for the rest of this short quarter. The nice thing is, the quarter is already so close to ending, so Christmas break is almost here.