National Honors Society Inducts New Members


Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

National Honors Society is a huge program across the United States, and here at BHS we are proud to have our own group of NHS members. Last Wednesday, November 13th, the new set of National Honors Society members were inducted into the group at BHS, joining the current members who had already been inducted last year.

In the National Honors Society the members stand for several different attributes or pillars. These pillars include scholarship, leadership, community service, and character. Each of these pillars is an instrumental part of the National Honors Society. Each of the applicants had to spend lots of time writing his or her application about these pillars and showing that they meet the requirements of each one.

Now that the new members have been inducted, they will be expected to attend regular meetings and do other important service projects. One important thing that they do here at the High School is NHS tutoring in the mornings before school. Before school there are National Honors Society students that are able to help any student who comes down with homework, essays, or other assignments.

For those looking to join National Honors Society in the future, make sure you start tracking your service and your leadership experiences because that will make forming your application much easier in the future.

Mrs. Burcham and Mr. Bisignani, the advisors for NHS, commented, “We inducted 59 new members!  Collectively, the induction class completed over half a year’s worth of community service hours!  We are very proud of our new inductees and we look forward to working with these outstanding students!”

I’m sure we are all excited for the new inductees and to see what they can do in the next few months as members of the National Honors Society.