New Principal Joins BHS

New Principal Joins BHS

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

As most people know by now, we have a new principal, Mr. Chris Baker, here at BHS.  Mr. Baker joined the Beavercreek High School administrative team starting in the middle of November and will continue to lead as the school’s principal until the end of the school year.

Mr. Baker is the father of 5 children, with his youngest graduating from high school last May and now attending Miami University.  Mr. Baker is very experienced in the education profession with 42 years under his belt, with 20 of those years as a high school principal.  Throughout his career, he has taken many different roles, ranging from Saturday School supervisor to Gifted Humanities teacher to head football coach, as well as various administrative positions.  

Mr. Baker is very excited to start working with Beavercreek.  When asked about what he is most excited for while working as principal here at BHS, Mr Baker states, “Beavercreek High School is an excellent high school.  I have been greeted in a friendly and welcoming manner by both staff and students.” He also points out and is appreciative of how the student body goes about their business in a productive and collegial manner.  

In his introduction to the school on the school’s video announcements, Mr. Baker stated his three simple expectations for the students.  The first expectation is for everyone to show up everyday and be on time. Second, Mr. Baker asks all the students to give their best effort every day they enter the school.  The final expectation Mr. Baker gives the students is to follow the golden rule: treat others the way you wish to be treated. Mr. Baker stated, “My educational goal is to have students prepared to be contributing members of society involved in a career doing something they’d like to do for their life and not something they have to do.”

When asked about if he plans on changing anything with the school, Mr. Baker said, “I think right now there are many good processes in place. There may be a tweak here or there but from what I’ve seen everything seems to be going pretty well.”  Right now, Mr. Baker is just learning the building, meeting the staff, and meeting as many kids as he can while he’s been here. Don’t miss a chance to meet our new BHS principal as you see him around the school!